Bounce Back Strategy
3.77/5 (143 votes)
Learn to trade Forex using Bounce Back Strategy
This strategy can be used as a scalping method as well as for long term trades. It uses 24 ema to look for bouncing back of the price and enter the market with a buy limit order. It is not 100% accurate but it has consistently been profitable and anyone can adapt the strategy to his or her preference.

Crystal Time Frame Switcher
4.56/5 (137 votes)
Learn to trade Forex using Crystal Time Frame Switcher
The major problems of most strategies are entry and exit. A lot of trend trading techniques are out there but there are a few ways to filter entries and exits. In this strategy, the trend is determined by the direction of the BBands_Stop. After the trend is determined, we then move on to find a good entry and a good exit using the Fisher indicator and the Stochastic indicator with multi-timeframe analysis. It can be profitable if one can follow the rules of this trading strategy.

The Pouria Method
3.43/5 (142 votes)
Learn to trade the trend using the Pouria Method
The Pouria Method is a low risk and has a good risk-to-reward ratio. It capture only 15 pips of profit regardless of how big the trend. The reason is to avoid high risk. To have a good risk-to-reward ratio, the stoploss is set to 14. Due to the above two reason, the success rate can be as high as 90%

The Bible Forex System
4.62/5 (133 votes)
Learn to trade the trend using the Bible Forex System
This strategy should work well long term with this system and does bring in a good amount of pips per month. One can start trading at 6 am EST and wait till the trades are found. Usually within 3 hours, you are done.  At all times, one should follow the trading rules as a trader that is consistent in his rules is a successful trader.

Forex Trading Made Simple
3.30/5 (142 votes)
Learn to trade Forex using the TDI indicator
In this strategy, the TDI (Traders Dynamic Index) is used as it uses some of the most powerful indicators such as the RSI as well as other types of calculations to determine the trend and momentum of the pairs. The trade is then confirmed with the combination of the Synergy APB (Average Price Bar) Candle indicator and the Simple Moving Average.

VMA Trend Trading
3.20/5 (144 votes)
Learn to trade the trend using VMA
In this strategy, we are using the VMA indicator that is different from a regular SMA or EMA in that the VMA indicator have a variable of ADX worked into them. ADX measures the strength of trend, so basically we have a moving average that will move when prices are trending. When things are consolidating, the VMA will not move and may even go flat. This helps to solve the major problem of MA with its whipsaw nature. This strategy uses VMA 1 and VMA 4 in which VMA 1 uses ma length of 1 and adx length of 8 whereas VMA4 uses ma length of 4 and adx length of 8. Both indicators of VMA 1 and VMA 4 can go flat without crossing during sideway market and cross when the market is trending.

Price Action Scalper
3.91/5 (249 votes)
Learn to trade Price Action Scalper System
This system uses three different EMAs indicator, Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator and fractal indicator to enter a trade. The EMAs determine the trend, the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator is used for more visual confirmation and the Fractal indicator is used to confirm the breakout of the trend. If someone is in London zone, you will likely get the nice setups around 3 am and get a nice chunk of pips in a couple hours of trading. GBPUSD is a very volatile currency pair and has a nice daily trading range to make a few pips out of it.

5 Min Standard Deviation Scalp
3.92/5 (247 votes)
Learning to Scalp using the 5 minute Standard Deviation
This strategy uses a 10 bar moving average and a Bollinger Band 1 standard deviation on each side on a 5 min chart. It allows the user to enter the market on the retracements. It uses two different moving averages to determine the trend, and enter the market on the that penetrates the Bollinger Band during pullback.

Trading Forex with WellxAMA
3.78/5 (262 votes)
Learning to distinguish trend and range bound market conditions
One of the methods to distinguish range-bound conditions from trends is to look at the WellxAMA indicator. It allows us to switch our strategy according to the current market situation. If the WellxAMA indicator showing dots of the same color, it means the current trend continues. But if the WellxAMA indicator showing missing dots, it is an indication of a sideways moving market ahead.

Teodosi Moving Averages Tunnel
3.08/5 (290 votes)
Learn to trade Moving Averages Tunnel
This strategy involves the use of the 18 EMA & 28 EMA (two blue lines) to form a tunnel, which will help us to determine the start of a trend and the end of a trend. The 5 WMA (green line) & 12 WMA (purple line) will show us when to enter a trend and they will also help us to see the strength of the trends. The method is simple, useful and has good bases for entry confirmations.

The Center Of Gravity
3.26/5 (292 votes)
Learning to scalp using Center of Gravity and Sweet Spots Indicators
This strategy is very profitable and all it takes is just some practice. You will see its true value with a little bit of forward testing. The center of gravity indicator was created by Oan. The idea is based on Mostafa Belkhayate's system. Also the sweet spots indicator was taken from "Patrick Bourgeois" with his submission of "Trading by Psychological Levels". The center of gravity indicator helps us to look for the trend and the sweet spots indicator help us to enter and exit at the psychological levels.

Piece of Cake
4.06/5 (320 votes)
Learn to trade NonLagMA and Stochastic Indicators
This strategy is used on the 4 hour charts as it is less volatile then shorter time frames and much more profitable. It comprises of the NonLagMA and the stochastic. The colors of the NonLagMA trigger the trades, and are confirmed by the stochastic. The NonLagMA is a common Moving Average indicator but with an improvement that shows the angle changing from the changing colors.

Forex Smart S
4.23/5 (302 votes)
Learn to trade the EURUSD on the H4 timeframe
This strategy is used on the 4 hour charts as it is less volatile then shorter time frames and much more profitable. It comprises of indicators which are MA 8 and MA 21, Parabolic SAR, stochastic and the MACD. The crossing of the moving averages triggers the trades, and is confirmed by the Parabolic SAR, stochastic and the MACD indicators.

SMA9 & SMA100 cross with RVI
3.41/5 (297 votes)
Learn to use Relative Vigor Index indicator
The combinations of SMA 9, SMA 100 and RVI indicators have created a good strategy to find the trend which can grab 100-200 pips per trade. You may generally have periods when the price may whipsaw 1 or 2 times in a row, but 80-90% of the time when the 9 crosses the 100, you will catch an awesome movement.

MACD and Stochastic Daily
3.55/5 (291 votes)
Learn to trade the daily time frame using the Stochastic and Macd
This is a simple strategy that requires two simple indicators, that is, Macd and Stochastic on a daily timeframe. The longer the time frame, the lesser the market noise. Hence, the stochastic and the Macd tends to be smoother on the daily timeframe chart. However, we would need the patience to wait for the entry signal as each bar represents one day, thus a change on the chart will observed once a day.

EMA cross and Stochastic
3.21/5 (306 votes)
Learn to trade breakout using EMA and Stochastic
This system has been tested for quite some time now, and has a very high probability rate of winning. The system is very simple and though it cannot guarantee massive profits, but we will get consistent returns. It utilizes dual time-frame momentum and EMA Crossovers on the 5 minute chart and the 30 minute chart.

63 EMA breakout
3.90/5 (315 votes)
Learn to trade the breakout using 63 EMA
As we know the market's reaction is a little bit unpredictable in this era and there is a lot of events and scenarios whereby the daily trend can be changed within few minutes. A vigorous research was done on this 63 EMA breakout strategy, and it was found out that there are 95% of wins and 5% of loss trades. After doing back testing, it was found out that there are only 5 loss within 7 months from Nov 2008 to May 2009. This strategy works only for GBP/USD pair because of its great volatility.

London Forex Rush
3.12/5 (319 votes)
Trade the trend when the London Market Opens
The London Forex Rush system is based on a powerful trading system that comes from the world of the stock markets. Intra-day stock traders have been exploiting the Open Range Breakout strategy for ages. And they continue to do so. That’s because this strategy is easy to understand, simple to execute, and above all, profitable.

Shi Channel trading
3.65/5 (310 votes)
Learn how to trade using the SHI Channel indicator with other Indicators
The SHI Channel indicator uses the highest high and lowest low of the price to determine the upper and lower bands of the channel. The channel is calculated according to the given period of calculation and the time frame of the used chart, and the channel is self-adjusted (Like the Bollinger Bands). The channel gives the overall direction of the price movement - up or down - and may change from time to time, especially if it used with a low timeframe of one minute and five minute. We can’t trade with the SHI Channel indicator alone, it will not tell you when to enter the trade neither when to exit, The SHI Channel indicator telling you the overall direction of the price trend and the channels with the middle line warn you how much the trend is strong or weak, however, we have to use another indicators to generate the entry/exit signals

Trade Signal Arrows
3.24/5 (303 votes)
Learn how to trade using the Signal Arrows Indicator
Signal Arrows Indicator is a combination of two Moving Averages to give the bullish and bearish Signal Arrows. It draws an arrow up when the EMA 7 cross EMA 34 and EMA 7 is above EMA 34. It draws an arrow down when the EMA 7 cross EMA 34 and EMA 7 is below EMA34. It makes trading much easier without interpreting all the moving averaging crossovers manually and make visual backtesting easier with the Signal Arrows.

Trade Using the Sidus Indicator
4.12/5 (281 votes)
Learn how to trade using the Sidus Indicator
Sidus Indicator is a combination of two Moving Averages and an RSI to give the bullish and bearish sidus arrows. It draws an arrow up when the RSI is more than 50 and EMA 15 is higher than EMA 34. It draws an arrow down when the RSI is less than 50 and EMA 15 is lower than EMA 34. It makes trading much easier without interpreting all the indicators manually and make visual backtesting easier with the sidus arrows.

Stochastic and BBands Stop
4.09/5 (304 votes)
Learn how to trade using the BBands Stop custom indicator
Trading system based on BBands Stop Metatrader custom indicator. It shows the trend opportunity and the Stochastic Oscillator allows us to look for a retracement for a better trade entry.

SuperSar Strategy
3.11/5 (319 votes)
Learn how to trade Forex market using SuperTrend indicator
SuperTrend Indicator shows trend opportunity and Parablic SAR indicator provides fast exit for bigger profits

EURGBP TrendMagic System
4.90/5 (322 votes)
Easy trading system based on two custom indicators
This is an easy system with two indicators, namely the trend magic indicator and the BB Macd indicator. Both indicators are the one of the best indicators out in the forex world. When doing visual backtest on the charts, you will notice that these two indicators work together hand-in-hand to confirm each other for good trades.

4.58/5 (319 votes)
Scalping the trend with a high accuracy trading system
How do we know when the trend started ? Well, the answers awaits in the article below. Most of the day, there will be some trends. The success in trend catching is how accurate is the system itself. Another success is not to be greedy as greed is one of the worst enemy to us, and so we scalp the trend. This system is a 1:1 risk-reward ratio as we want to protect our capital and profit at the same time.

Stochastic M15 + SAR
3.97/5 (324 votes)
Great trading system on M15 timeframe to trade any currency pair
This trading system is used on 15 minute timeframe, but entries will occur few times a week only. This is because we will use special indicator settings that filters most of the bad trades.

Awesome Trading
4.49/5 (348 votes)
Long term trading system on a daily time frame
This trading system is for long-term traders. Entry setups occur a few times a month, so this is good for traders that do not trade Forex market every day. Every trade is secured with stop loss and take profit is set. This helps to avoid big drawdowns and You sure will be profitable in the long run.

ADX Trading
4.10/5 (337 votes)
Simple trading method using Parabolic SAR and ADX indicators
This trading system is used on 1 hour timeframe so entries will occur few times a week. This system uses two trend indicators so entry points are pretty accurate. To use this system You just need to take a look at the charts every few hours as all entries are made only with the new candle

By The Trend
3.48/5 (329 votes)
Simple trend following trading system on a high timeframe
If You dont like staring at the screen for hours everyday and just want to make a few trades per month, You have found a trading system that may fit Your needs. You just need to look to the chart once a day to see if the possible trade is coming. Once You identify the trend and entry rules are met, You can place pending order or wait for that perfect entry.